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The Story of Molly’s Trolley
Molly is 11 ¾ years old and became a fan of the Harry Potter movies when she was 9.  She was introduced to the books by her fabulous teacher at primary school and after a school trip to the ‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour’ she was hooked.
In the past, Molly had raised funds for ‘Macmillan Cancer Trust’  with a Coffee Morning and she now wanted to do something linked to Harry Potter.  I suggested that a Comic Con would be a great place to start.  So we built a Magical Wall 9 ¾ Photo Booth!

Over the summer of 2017 and with the help of Grandad construction work began.  A wooden frame with brick cladding became the wall.  We then needed to find a trolley, suitcase and cage. After many days searching on the internet, we found them and made the trip to secure the props.

We set to work with Grandad cutting the props, so that they would appear as if they were passing through the wall.

One thing was missing…  The Owl!!!! After talking to friends on the internet, one came forward and offered to make a sculpture for us.

So October arrived and the feature was almost complete.  We just needed to finish the floor so that it would look like a real train platform and we also needed a train picture for the background scene.  We decided to take a trip to London Kings Cross station and captured the photos needed for our backdrop.  The photo booth was finished!!  

Molly had a chance to meet Daniel Radcliffe in London and he was amazed by her build and signed it

“Off to Hogwarts Love Daniel Radcliffe”

Molly looked into charities and discovered that J.K. Rowling had her own charity called “Lumos”.  Who else better to help!

Now to find a show to take the display to…

Our journey has only just begun!

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